About Kaap

Eelco Kaper

KAAP is an initiative of Eelco Kaper (1970). Our goal is to offer customers end-to-end solutions. We make it as easy as possible for companies in all industries, end users, developers, and partners to conceptualize, develop, and deploy location-based technology solutions that add value fast.

In 2022, the professionals of KAAP will make location independent contributions to the success of its customers and partners. KAAP spends extra attention to the developments in the verticals: smarter cities organization, mobility and logistics.

Our approach

Our clients come to us with a problem, a vision or just a simple idea. We approach these opportunities collaboratively, holistically and iteratively. Just as important as determining which technologies will enable features and functionality, we also tackle business context, implementation tactics, customer value and user experience.

We get excited by professionals who have the guts to transform their organisation.

Additional value

KAAP distinguishes itself by focusing on the future of work with exponential technology (artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and action-oriented business intelligence).

Optimized business processes Enhanced data management Launch of new products and services Increased Value from existing products and services Within this context, we help with strategy and transformation advice, practical workshops, programmes and online products.

Benefits of mobile & connected technology

Mobile and connected technology and actionable analytics rank among the core technologies that are about to solve pressing problems of our information society. When machines and things talk to each other and handle both business-related and mundane tasks automatically, they increase our economic efficiency, ensure the quality of life of aging populations, and lead to environmental sustainability.

Key benefits of mobile and connected technology
Vertical Industry Solutions

Solution topics

KAAP enables enterprises and cities to improve productivity, reduce costs and gain critical knowledge through the use of sensor technology and actionable analytics. Read the following case studies to find out more about the challenges and results.

Smart cities


Better allocate and distribute resources and information from incidents and service disruptions.


Analyze the movement of people to improve traffic management, parking capacity, location and number of first responders.


Smarter cities, cars, homes, machines and consumer devices will drive the growth of the Internet of Things along with the infrastructure that goes with them.

Predictive analytics


Retrieving insight data about future outcomes that lead to decisions and/or interventions that deliver increased business value.


Optimize every transaction, process and decision based on the current situation. Perform statistical analysis including regression-, cluster- and correlation analysis.


Predict what customers want and will do next. Detect and prevent threats and fraud before they affect your organization. Measure social media impact.

Fleet management


Organize real-time management of mobile workforce & fleets with just-in-time vehicle tracking.


GPS tracking, monitoring and image capture with superior coverage, data speeds and connectivity.


Improved fleet visibility and logistics providing more shipping capacity and efficiency.

Indoor Tracking & Tracing


Enable new sets of consumer application and services around ambient intelligence, social networking, corporate/enterprise, fitness/health, mobile advertising and gaming.


Higher-accuracy, infrastructure-free technologies like Wi-Fi, NFC and iBeacons.


Improved edge in retail and consumer spaces.

Remote Sensing & Security


To accurately sense and predict when (machine) failure will occur in order prioritize repair management.


Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for sustaining and increasing utilization levels at the lowest possible cost for groups who own or manage (industrial) assets.


Improve operational availability and reduce costs of ongoing maintenance and repair.

Customers of Kaap

Solutions for connected companies

Connected companies learn and innovate faster than their competitors.

KAAP focuses on transformations in the following sectors:

Solutions include: