Accelerate innovation through online
feedback from your employees

Innovation Assessments & Analytics


We help leading organizations & smarter cities with continuous transformation by enhancing productivity, unlocking innovation and driving performance. By offering online critical conversation, actionable services/products and customized checklists KAAP provides international clients of essential new insights.

Many companies and cities are struggling to keep up with the current digital pace of their clients and people. They sometimes lose touch with their employees, partners and customers, with the result that they improve their (competitive) position too late.


We help organisations to discover the possibilities and consequences of the future of work with exponential technology.


In a conversation of up to 2 hours, you will learn what your organisation needs to innovate faster.

DT Program

Discover and improve your innovative mobile and connected communication power


Keeping up to date with the latest technology developments in your industry?


Are you responsible for the strategic direction of your organisation?

Feedback from your own employees

Be inspired by automated improvement steps and priorities based on facts rather than opinions.

Knowledge base with strategic partners

Our platform automatically provides checklists and support for improvement steps.

Maintenance Innovation culture

Benchmark your organisation's innovative capacity on a regular basis